‘You Should Be In Jail’ – Nigerians Knock PDP Senator Who Confessed Buying Votes


Reactions have trailed the confession of Olalere Oyewumi, a Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) senator, who said he bought votes during the 2023 General Election.

Vote buying was one of the major challenges that confronted the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) during the election.

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) had even deployed its officials in some polling units.

In a viral video, Oyewunmi, who is the Deputy Minority Senate Leader, narrated how he sent his aide on an errand on the eve of the election with his personal money for vote buying but was rejected by strong supporters of the All Progressives Congress (APC).

Speaking in Yoruba, the Minority Leader, who represents Osun West District, said “I tried all the tricks I knew to win at the Onilu House (Ile Onilu) polling unit but these people didn’t allow me.

“After exhausting money for the election, I gave my personal money to Ten-Ten to give to people at night to buy votes on the eve of the election, Ten-Ten came back with my money, saying the people rejected it. I was surprised.
“That was why I reached out to these people because I cannot be a Senator and continue to fail there. I was the one who called Ayandosu from Abuja to join me in the PDP. I told him he has talent and that the party he was serving then (APC) would not allow him to grow.”

Reacting to the development, the leadership of APC through its chairman, Tajudeen Lawal, said the confession had shown that Osun election was not free and fair.

In a statement, Lawal said: “The confessional statement of Senator Oyewumi was a confirmation of the fact that the last series of the elections in the state which secured victory for all the PDP candidates including Governor Ademola Adeleke, were brazenly rigged.

The self-confession of Senator Oyewumi was an indication that he is a desperate politician who could go to any length to illegally corner opportunities regardless of what such portends to the right-thinking members of the society.

“In a civilized clime, Senator Oyewumi has no iota of reason to remain a minute longer in the Senate where he has been the Minority Leader based on his self-confession that he engaged in vote-buying during the election that secured a fraudulent victory for him.

“By now, Senator Oyewumi should be a guest of the statutory law enforcement agency constitutionally saddled with the responsibility of investigating such political crime involving a senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.”

On social media, some users called on EFCC to investigate the matter.

Below are other comments:
An Instagram user, @_tomiideeh said: “Our problems are self inflicted… we are the architects of our misfortune.”

@henry_aniegboka_: “One don come out to confess, plenty more go still happen”

@lovefromify: “If only Nigeria was a decent society. Even with this… let’s see if anything can happen.”

@strithustla: “He didn’t only admit it, he said it with his mouth. In a sane country he would have been in jail by now.”

@goodnewsericoisika: “Even after the confession nothing is going to happen the youths who are suppose to act will fight each other to protect the rich / the politician that st0le from them.”

@rosywills: “All of them na same ! We never ready for Nigeria. Total overhauling is the only way. From top to bottom!!!”

@xcel_b_thyname: “The ending part, it’s about their personal growth and not the betterment of Nigeria. The buying of vote is old school, majority of them do it.”

@nagudiae: “EFCC where are you ?”

(Daily Trust)

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