Woman Asked To Pay Fine To Husband For Marrying Another Man


A woman from Mutare, Zimbabwe, identified as Tambudzai Muwadi, has been fined US$120 by the Mutare Magistrates Court after being charged with bigamy.

Muwadi, aged 40, legally married two men, leading to her legal troubles.

Court records reveal that Muwadi entered into a second marriage while her first marriage was still valid. She initially married Jonathan Kisi on January 8, 2004, under the Marriage Act Chapter 05:11, receiving their marriage certificate at the Harare Magistrates Court. Although they later separated, they did not formally dissolve their marriage. Despite this, Muwadi went on to marry Julius Tawanda Mukajami on September 3, 2005, also under the same Marriage Act, and obtained another marriage certificate.

Muwadi’s actions came to light years later when it was discovered that her first marriage was still legally binding. She was subsequently taken to court for bigamy. The Mutare Magistrates Court found Muwadi guilty and imposed a fine of US$120 or 30 days imprisonment if the fine is not paid. Additionally, the court ordered that her second marriage certificate be forwarded to the Registrar General’s office for cancellation.

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