Osun Health Insurance Agency Sets Record Straight on Recent Controversies


The Executive Secretary of the Osun Health Insurance Agency (OSHIA), Dr. Razaq Akindele, in a press briefing held today, addressed recent allegations concerning the agency’s activities.

Dr. Akindele emphasized the necessity of this briefing to correct the “malicious, misinforming, and unfortunate” statements circulating in the media.

DR. Akindele highlighted that prior to Governor Ademola Adeleke’s administration, the scheme had only 248,000 enrollees, predominantly civil servants and their families. Of this number, a mere 4,000 were non-civil servants.

He noted that Osun State’s population exceeds 5 million, as per the last census. Given the scheme’s five-year existence, the low enrollment figures from non-civil servants suggested a lack of confidence in the program.

However, since taking office, Dr. Akindele’s administration has made significant strides. “Within six months, more than 13,000 non-civil servants have registered,” he stated, reflecting growing public trust and appreciation of the government’s efforts through OHIS.

Dr. Akindele also clarified the role of federal funding, explaining it is allocated for logistics and maintaining primary healthcare centers.

He stated that Osun boasts some of the best primary healthcare facilities in the country, with the state government investing heavily in their rehabilitation and upgrade. Recently, 50 such centers have been completed.

The Osun Health Insurance Scheme (OHIS), he asserted, has significantly improved the longevity and health of Osun’s citizens. As a government agency, OHIS is committed to reducing or eliminating health burdens irrespective of political affiliation, race, religion, or gender—a mission it continues to fulfill effectively.

While reiterating the agency’s commitment to delivering qualitative healthcare, Dr. Akindele urged those seeking information to consult relevant stakeholders to avoid misinformation and ensure accurate reporting.

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