JUST IN: Democrats Move To Replace Biden After ‘Disastrous’ Debate With Trump


The Democratic party has been thrown into a full-blown panic about the 2024 general election by a disastrous debate performance from a meandering and mumbling Joe Biden, Daily Mail reports.

Behind the scenes, there are calls to replace the 81-year-old president on the ticket after his dismal showing against Donald Trump on Thursday night, where he lost his train of thought and stumbled over his words multiple times.

Immediately after taking the stage, Biden’s voice was hoarse, and he repeatedly cleared his throat, and he continued to go downhill during the 90-minute primetime face-off on CNN.

At times, the president looked blankly into the camera or down at his notes while Trump was speaking.

David Axelrod, the former Senior Advisor to President Barack Obama conceded that Biden’s first performance was damaging right from the beginning of a debate that has sent shockwaves through the liberals.

“I think there was a sense of shock actually how he came out at the beginning of the debate, how his voice sounded, he seemed a little disoriented,” he said on CNN, noting there would be ‘discussions’ in the party after the debate about whether Biden should continue his run for reelection.

Axelrod said that Biden’s performance confirmed people’s fears about his age and ability to serve another four years.

Biden also struggled at times to finish his sentences or complete a talking point before trying to move on.

CNN moderators Jake Tapper and Dana Bash repeatedly reminded him to use the rest of his time, when he cut his answers and responses to Trump short.

Kate Bedingfeld, a former White House communications director for Joe Biden also panned the performance from her former boss.

“It was a really disappointing debate performance from Joe Biden,’ she said. ‘I don’t think there is any other way to slice it.”

Activist and CNN commentator Van Jones said that even though he ‘loved’ Joe Biden, he described the debate as ‘painful.’

“There are people who are going to want to see him consider taking a different course now,’ Van Jones said. ‘We’re still far from our convention and there is time for this party to figure out a different way forward if he will allow us to do that but that was not what we needed from Joe Biden.’

Other Democratic strategists not connected with the Biden campaign agreed.

“I don’t know if high-level conversations are happening right now about Biden’s concerning performance, but it would be political malpractice to pretend tonight advanced the Biden campaign,’ wrote MSNBC contributor and Democratic strategist Max Burns on social media.

Other Democrats reacted anonymously to reporters to signal their shock about Biden’s performance.

Prominent Democrat texts: ‘Gavin please…’ wrote New York Times reporter Kenneth Vogel.

CNN host Kasie Hunt wrote on social media that Democrats were ‘nearly beside themselves watching this debate’ after coming to terms with Biden’s demeanor.

She detailed texts from prominent Democrats on CNN.

“If I was Gavin (Newsom) or Gretchen (Whitmer), I’d be making calls tonight,’ one Democrat told her. Another wrote simply ‘we are f***d.”

Other Democrats voiced their panic on social media, urging the party to be honest about their chances.

“Texts from family and friends, all Democrats who despise Trump, are extremely concerning. You cannot just spin this and ignore the fact that this is not going well for our side,’ wrote former New York City council member Jimmy Van Bramer on social media.

MSNBC’s Nicole Wallace said the conversation about replacing Biden was ‘live and active at the highest levels of the Democratic party.’

MSNBC’s Joy Reid agreed, noting her phone was buzzing throughout the debate from texts from Democrats.

“The universal reaction was somewhere approaching panic,’ she said, adding they were ‘very concerned’ about Biden appearing feeble and weak.”

Biden spokesman Andrew Bates reacted on social media by dismissing hand-wringing Democrats.

“We have plenty of experience offering backbone transplants,’ he wrote, praising Biden for making a ‘strong argument for his vision’ during the debate.”

Daily Mail

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