It’s Very Difficult Not to Love the Adelekes’ Family Dynamics, Osun-Based Journalist Reveals


By: Thomas Abidoye

An Osun-based journalist, Adedayo Oderinu, has disclosed that it is very difficult not to love the family dynamics of the Adelekes.

Adedayo took to Facebook on Wednesday to share a poignant observation about the Adeleke family dynamics and the importance of separating personal relationships from political governance.

In the post, the journalist praised the close-knit relationship between Governor Ademola Adeleke and his nieces and nephews, describing it as a rare and joyful sight in Nigeria.

However, he reiterated that loving the governor’s family dynamics does not mean his governance style is above criticism, and disagreeing with his policies does not equate to hating his family role.

The journalist stressed that it’s essential to separate personal relationships from political governance, acknowledging that a beautiful family does not necessarily translate to efficient leadership. He maintained that policy disagreements should not be misconstrued as personal hatred.

He wrote: “You know, it’s very difficult to not love the family dynamics of the Adelekes, especially the relationship that Gov. Ademola Adeleke shares with his nieces and nephews.

“They radiate so much joy and love around themselves, showing you a close-knit family unit that pulls each member up.

“That’s quite scarce in Nigeria.However, we must take note of two important things:

“1.Loving Gov. Adeleke’s role within his beautiful family dynamics does not equate to thinking his style of governance is unquestionable. Beautiful family is not equal to efficient governance.

“2.Disagreeing with Gov. Adeleke’s style of governance should never equate to h8ting his beautiful roles within his family. Policy disagreement is not equal to h8tred.”

See the screenshot of the post below;

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