Family Seeks Justice As 22-Yr-Old Lady Allegedly Dies In Boyfriend’s House


The parents of a 22-year-old female nurse, Ginika Judith Okoro, have called on the Nigeria Police and state government to unravel the cause of the mysterious d£ath of their only daughter.

According to reports, Ginika di£d in the house of her boyfriend, Charles Ndukwu, in Ezeogba, Awaka, Owerri North Local Government Area of Imo State.

The mother of the late nurse, Mrs Caroline Nneji, who spoke to Punch Newspaper said the incident happened on Sunday, June 2, 2024.

“My only daughter di£d last Sunday when she visited a young man called Charles. My only daughter who was 22 years old was raised by us. She has a chemist shop where she treats patients and you know as a nurse she goes to patients’ houses sometimes to treat them. This fateful Sunday, she visited a young man and died in his house. My only eye has gone. What sin did I commit that cannot be forgiven,” she said .

On how she was informed of the d£ath of her daughter, she said, “Around 9 pm on Sunday, the said young man by name Charles Ndukwu came to our house and told us that our daughter was unconscious and he took her to the hospital where the doctor confirmed her d£ad. According to the nurse’s stepfather, Mr Nneji, the deceased became unconscious after taking pepper soup bought by her boyfriend.

“The suspect, Charles Ndukwu, told us that he went and bought pepper soup for our daughter, but she became unconscious after taking the pepper soup, and he rushed her to Edochie Clinic, Awaka in Owerri North where she was confirmed dead by the presiding doctor,” he explained. It was gathered that Ndukwu had been arrested and remanded by the police for an investigation.

The parents of the deceased who could not hide their sorrow, called on the police and state government to thoroughly investigate the matter with the view of unravelling the truth behind the mysterious d£ath and serving justice to them.

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  1. Hmmmm, that’s very interesting to hear. Your daughter was trained by you and as a nurse she went to her boyfriend’s house to give him injection and ended up waiting till 9pm and took Peppersoup. You are a very good trainer, Madam. You allowed your only daughter to stay late in a boy’s house and you claim you trained her well. RIP to the poor lady and I wish the Police would unravel the circumstances surrounding her death.

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