Alcohol Consumption Beneficial To Health, says Professor, Gives Reason


A professor of Brewing Science and Technology in the Department of Food Science and Technology, University of Uyo, Prof Augustine Ogbonna, has said there is no part of the scriptures that opposes moderate use of alcohol.

He said contrary to what people are made to believe, moderate consumption of alcoholic beverages are beneficial to health

Ogbonna spoke on Saturday while delivering the 102 inaugural lecture of the University of Uyo titled ” From Barley to Sorghum:A Paradigm Shift for Nigerian to Brewing Industry”

Quoting copiously from the scriptures to buttress his point, he faulted what he described as misconceptions and sentiments shared by some religious leaders that consumption of alcohol is a sin.

According to Punch, the professor said Jesus Christ never preached against the use of wine, adding that He, like other Jews, advised people to drink with moderation.

He expressed dismay that both Muslims and Christians frowned at the consumption of alcohol but accepted a share of taxes from production and sales of alcohol, adding that despite these religious sentiments, alcohol consumption remains a social activity.

He said, “Wine and other beverage are frequently mentioned in the Bible as intoxicating, suggesting that they are alcoholic. The scriptures also have a lot to say about the drinking of alcohol

“Wine was first mentioned in the Bible in Genesis 14: 18 when Melchidek, a priest of the most high God, brought forth bread and wine for Abraham and his companion. God even commanded his people in Deut. 14:26 to enjoy wine at their yearly festivals.

”In addition to using wine as beverage, God also commanded the Levitical priests to include in the sacrifices, a portion of wine (‘yayan”) as a drink offering (Ex. 29:40).in (Gen: 27:28) ,a blessing of wine was prophesied as a heritage of the chosen people. ”

While concluding, the university teacher added, “There is nothing in either the Old Testament or the New Testament that opposes the moderate use of alcoholic beverages as they are beneficial to health.”

He pointed out that alcohol consumed in small quantities is neither harmful nor addictive, stressing that some medical doctors prescribe the drinking of small amounts of red wine for it health benefits, especially for the heart.

He, therefore, recommended that the Federal Government should stop policy reversal and concentrate efforts o developing a sorghum breed capable of replacing imported barley as the main ingredient of beer production in the country.

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