Woman Vows Not To Help Anybody Again, Shares Experience With Keke Driver She Helped

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A woman has narrated how a keke driver she helped has been harassing her with pastors.

The X user, an event planner, vowed not to help anyone out of pity again.

She then proceeded to share how she met a keke driver at her mother’s shop and teased him about being fine. Shortly after, he complained to her that his keke was about to be repossessed and he needed a job.

She trained him to coordinate drinks at her events planning company and would call him whenever there were jobs so he could make some money.

However, the man has now started harassing her with his pastors who keep calling to tell her that God has prophesied that she should be married to him.

She said the pastors have tried different tactics, although she has been clear that she does not appreciate the harassment.

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