Nigerian Man Spends 23 Hours Buried Alive In Coffin


A Nigerian man, identified as Young C, has spent 23 hours buried alive in a coffin.

In an update on his Instagram account on Thursday he said, “Guys, I am still alive, I am still fine, I am okay. A lot of you might think something has happened, but nothing has happened, I am fine.

Breathing heavily he said, “My problem is just that I have run out of water, I might be forced to drink this (my urine). Guys, I am fine.”

Young C had embarked on this daring challenge on Wednesday, announcing his intention to be buried alive for 24 hours.

He shared a video on his Instagram account, emphasizing that the stunt was genuine and not a hoax. He also announced his plan to broadcast live footage from the coffin at night.

In an earlier update, Young C revealed that he had been buried for over 8 hours and was experiencing physical discomfort, including excessive sweating.

He shared a video from the coffin, showing his camera and light still functioning, and expressed his determination to complete the challenge.

This feat is reminiscent of a similar challenge undertaken by American YouTube personality MrBeast (Jimmy Donaldson), who buried himself alive for 50 hours two years ago to raise awareness about deforestation.

Recently, MrBeast attempted to break his record by spending 7 consecutive days buried in a coffin.

Despite facing physical and mental challenges, he completed the challenge and was finally exhumed, cautioning viewers against attempting similar stunts due to the potential dangers involved.


However, in the latest update after this publication, TikTok has banned the content creator Young C with an account Youngcentertainmnet on his device after streaming live content being buried alive for 24 hours.

Young C, has spent 24 hours buried alive in a coffin as part of a daring challenge.

He said appreciated his viewers for his support and that they should follow his newly created TikTok account.

He said “Hello guys I am finally out, thank you for your support after being buried alive for twenty-four hours, I just got to know that my previous account has been brought down. Please follow my new account so I can get up to one thousand followers. He advises people not to replicate what he did

Young C began the challenge on Wednesday, aiming to be buried alive for 24 hours. He had earlier shared a video to debunk any suspicions of a hoax and announced plans to livestream his experience from the coffin at night.

He shared a video from inside the coffin, demonstrating that his camera and light were still operational, and expressed his unwavering determination to successfully complete the challenge.

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