Married Woman Seeks Advice After Mistakenly Sleeping with Neighbor For Money


A married woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, has found herself in a difficult situation after mistakenly sleeping with her neighbor in exchange for financial aid.

She shared her story on the “Family Matters” segment of Splash105.5FM with Omajuwa, seeking advice on how to navigate the situation.

The woman, who has been married for 16 years and has five children, lost her job three years ago and has been helping her husband with his phone case and charger business. However, since the economic crisis began, their business has struggled, and they have barely been able to make ends meet.

One day, she reached out to a neighbor who had been making advances towards her for five years, seeking financial help. He sent her 50,000 naira, and she felt indebted to him. When she went to thank him at his home, things escalated, and they had sex.

Since then, the neighbor has been sending her random amounts of money, ranging from 500,000 to 300,000 naira, and asking to see her again. She has tried to tell him to stop, as it was a mistake, but he continues to send money.

She is now seeking advice on what to do. Should she return the money, keep it, or tell her husband everything? She fears that if she doesn’t handle the situation carefully, it could ruin her marriage.

The statement transcript: “My husband and I have been married for 16years and are blessed with 5children. I lost my job about 3years ago. Since then, I have been helping out my husband with his phone case and charger business, I now work at his stores so that we can make ends meet. But since all this economic crisis started when fuel price went up, business has not been so good. We hardly feed talk-less of being able to afford luxuries.

There is a man whose house is not so far from one of the four branches of my husband’s store. The man has been disturbing me for about 5years now. One day, we could not sell a single thing in our store, so on my way home, I thought to call this man to see if he could help with something. He sent me 50,000naira. I was so happy and felt indebted to this man. So a week after, I decided to go thank him at home. His family stay abroad. Omajuwa, I honestly was not planning anything than to thank him o but one thing led to another and we had sex. Since then, this man sends me money randomly. 500k today, 200k tomorrow, 300k next and has since been asking for when next we can see.

I have tried to tell him to stop because what happened was just a mistake. When I told my brother, he said I should just ignore the man and find a way to invest the money and better our lives. I am scared and confused. I have not touched the ones he sent after the 50k, should I ask for his account and send back his money? Should I keep it? Where will I tell my husband I got the money from? Should I tell my husband everything? Hope this man would not run to my husband and ruin my marriage in retaliation? What do I do? Please advise me.

Family Matters with Omajuwa on Splash105.5FM

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