‘Jesus Can’t Deliver You From Poverty’- Oshiomhole Declares


The former governor of Edo State, Adams Oshiomhole, has stated that the general notion that believing in Jesus Christ will lift a person from poverty “is a lie.”

The pragmatic politician, who is now a serving lawmaker in the House of Senate, stated this at a recent event organised by Bishop Mathew Kukah.

At the event, Oshiomhole reflected on issues of bad governance and how religion has slowed down development in Nigeria.

Adams Oshiomhole, a prominent figure in Nigerian politics, made a striking statement at the event.

He said, “I also think religion has been added to our burden of problem. Where people preach that when you believe in our Lord Jesus Christ, he will deliver you from poverty, that’s a lie. We know it and I see them everyday. People are setting up business centres and they cover themselves and say they’re pastors.”

“And in every donation that is made in church, when a big man dines, that is where Reverend Fathers and Pastors identify with you people that the church has not been completed and all those who are to donate are invariably public officers…”

Earlier in his speech, Oshiomhole spoke against governors who have refused to prioritise education and denied the children of the poor qualitative education.

He said, “I also think we should be bold enough to mention the governor who used his immunity to cover up the former governor who has lost immunity in a criminal offense.

“A Governor who is training his children in a foreign school and denied poor children of getting education.”

“We must not make laws. We do not have the political will to enforce.

“Never should a child born in this country be denied access to school.”

This powerful statement from Oshiomhole highlights the urgency of the issue and calls on Nigerians to take responsibility for ensuring that every child in Nigeria has access to education.

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