I Regret Knowing Portable – Former Manager, Ijoba Danku


Yusuf Adepitan, also known as Ijoba Danku, a well-known promoter and talent manager, expressed his opinion that singer Portable is not mature.

Portable used to be his client, but Danku mentioned that the singer lied to him initially. He even took legal action against Portable but eventually withdrew the lawsuit after his father intervened.

Danku admitted that he regrets ever getting involved with Portable and considers him immature. In a recent episode of the Doyin’s Corner podcast, Danku stated, “Portable is still a boy. Before Portable came to me, he lied to me. I actually sued him but his father pleaded with me and I accepted to drop the suit.

“If there is someone I wish I never allowed into my circle, it is Portable.”

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