I Didn’t Buy My Triplets – Yinka Ayefele Insists


Gospel singer Yinka Ayefele has shared that he is one of the few men with a spinal cord injury who has been able to have children.

He noted that it is uncommon for men with his condition to impregnate a woman, highlighting his situation as exceptional.

Speaking on the ‘Curiosity Made Me Ask’ show hosted by content creator Bae U Barbie, Ayefele addressed rumours suggesting he “bought” his children.

He clarified that he indeed impregnated his wife, who gave birth to their triplets.

The host: “I’m shocked you said you have three beautiful and amazing kids. My question is, how did you do it?”

Ayefele replied: “How did I do what? Curious that I impregnated my wife? How did I get three kids? You would have seen pregnant women before. I impregnated my wife and she got pregnant and had triplets.

“You thought I bought them? I don’t understand what you mean. I know you are curious, you want to talk about my spinal cord injury. Anybody who has a spinal cord injury might not be able to impregnate a lady. Yeah, it’s a fact, it’s one out of a hundred.”

Ayefele began his music career in 1997 after he was involved in an automobile accident that damaged his spinal cord and made him reliant on a wheelchair.

He is married to Temitope Titilope and they are blessed with children.


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