Corps Member Asks For Rejection After Being Given N350M Monthly Target At Marketing Company


Valerie, a female corper assigned to a marketing company, shared on her Tiktok page @Vally_eke that she was given a monthly target of N350M.

Upon arriving at her Place of Primary Assignment (PPA), she was surprised by this requirement.

Valerie promptly requested a rejection letter in order to leave the company. She posted a video of herself in her NYSC khaki along with her statement.

“Me peacefully walking out with my rejection letter because life did not end when my ppa said I would have to reach a target of N350 million a month in the marketing sector. Where I wan see N350 million on top N33k government is paying me.”

Netizens’ reactions …

@Bighonor said: “Make dem dhe play oo.”

@durijii said: “Most times I wonder if this marketing firms are just wicked because their outrageous targets are annoying.”

Chikalannn said: “Target in millions ke? For corper? Make dem dey play.”

@Viviana said: “What!!! they’re not serious.”

@Marysiwo said: “In this Tinubu’s regime.”

@Cathy_firstlady said: “My babe run.”

@OGECHUKWU said: “Reject me sir!”

@Enahoro Shiloh: commented: “On top 33k.”

@Pelumipel reacted: “I don’t understand.” @olayemirashidat022 added: “For dis country.”

Watch video below …

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