Secondary School Student Allegedly Commits Su!cide Over Unwanted Pregnancy


A grade 10 student of Maladah Senior Secondary School in Kunkujang Jatta-ya in the West Coast Region of the Gambia allegedly committed su!cide last night over an unwanted pregnancy.

According to local media, the student identified as Mamy Jassey died after allegedly consuming a poisonous substance shortly after 6pm on Sunday, April 28, 2024. She was rushed to a private clinic near Lamin Lodge, where she was pronounced dead by a nurse.

While the family was preparing to bury Mamy, a lab technician, who lives in her neighborhood, noticed the girl was ‘’showing signs of life” after checking her pulse.

The lab technician and some neighbours wasted no time in getting Mamy to the Banjulunding Health Center, where she was pronounced dead again and a postmortem was recommended.

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