Landlord Arrested For Exposing His Manhood While Watching Tenant Get Dressed


A landlord in Bulawayo’s North End suburb of Zimbabwe has been arrested for allegedly exposing his manhood to a tenant as she was dressing up in her room.

It was gathered that while the 25-year-old woman got dressed, her landlord identified as 24-year-old Shayne Mafoche reportedly peered through her window. Startled, the woman caught sight of Mafoche staring at her and subsequently confronted him about his actions. In response, Mafoche insulted her and hastily made his way towards the door.

Mafoche then proceeded to expose himself to the victim. He unzipped his pants and approached her while holding his private parts, making her flee the room.

The victim reported the incident at Kumalo Police Station, leading to Mafoche’s arrest. Inspector Abednico Ncube, the spokesperson for the Bulawayo Police, confirmed the incident and emphasized that Tom’s behaviour is considered a criminal offence.

He said; “Peeping is a criminal offence. The suspect’s actions were unlawful.”

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