Chief Of Staff Office Budget Skyrockets To N21.22bn In 2024 — StatiSense


In a staggering revelation, the budget allocation for the Office of the Chief of Staff to the President in Nigeria has witnessed an exponential surge, reaching an outstanding ₦21.22 billion in the fiscal year of 2024.

This astronomical increase denotes a stark contrast to the relatively modest figures of the preceding years, as disclosed by Statisense, a leading data analysis firm.

According to the data provided by Statisense, the budget for the Chief of Staff’s office stood at ₦24.35 million in 2020, experiencing a gradual ascent to ₦76.55 million in 2021.

However, the trajectory took a monumental leap in 2022, soaring to ₦526.47 million, and maintaining a high allocation in 2023 at ₦517.95 million, which then took a sudden surge to over ₦21 billion in 2024.


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