Residents Burn Neighbour’s House, Car over Alleged Blasphemy In Katsina


Tensions are running high in Katsina State due to a controversial social media post made by a Christian resident who has been identified as Mani Abubakar.

The Facebook post, which is considered blasphemous of the Prophet of Islam, has caused outrage.

The situation was said to have escalated when some persons set Abubakar’s house and car on fire.

Abubakar reportedly managed to escape from his residence in Babaruga.

In an interview with a news platform, the Vice Chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria in Katsina, Muyiwa Segun, stated that the situation has been resolved thanks to the prompt actions taken by the state Commissioner of Police, Aliyu Musa.

Segun called for religious tolerance.

“The victims’ life is reportedly at risk, but thanks to his escape. However, it is advised that he stays in hiding until tension subsides.

“CAN plans to engage with local authorities, including a visit to the Emir of Katsina, to ensure Abubakar’s safety once he decides to emerge,” he added.

Abubakar had allegedly made controversial statements regarding the authorship of the Quran.

The alleged blasphemous statement has now been deleted from Facebook.

This is not an isolated occurrence as Nigeria has experienced numerous incidents of violence and even fatalities resulting from accusations of blasphemy.

The murder of a butcher, Usman Buda, by extremist Muslims last year was the subject of an investigation by the Sokoto State Police Command due to an alleged blasphemous remark made against an Islamic prophet.

The butcher made the comment during an argument with another trader at the Sokoto Main Abattoir.

Deborah Yakubu, a second-year female student at the Shehu Shagari College of Education in Sokoto, was killed and her corpse burned by fellow students in 2022 for allegedly posting a blasphemous message on WhatsApp.

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