Hardship: ‘You Can’t Threaten Me’, Zulum Warns IDPs Considering Joining Boko Haram


Governor Babagana Zulum of Borno State, says he has done his best for internally displaced persons and vulnerable residents threatening to join terrorists in the forests.

Earlier in the week, some IDPs who lamented over the widespread hardship in the land, said they were considering joining the sect wooing them.

But while addressing some IDPS, at Mafa, on Sunday, Zulum expressed displeasure over the action, warning that those who intend to go back to the forest to realise that there is no second chance.

“Yesterday, I received a report that some IDPs in Dikwa have protested that they will return to the bush because we could not provide food to them. This afternoon, others in Mafa have also done the same,” Zulum said.

“In the last couple of years, we have consistently provided food to internally displaced and vulnerable people. Believe me, what we are doing is even beyond our capacity. In the last four years, the Government of Borno State spent nothing less than N40bn to provide food and non-food items to the people of the State.”

“No government, be it state or federal, has the capacity to provide food to everyone and let me categorically state that I cannot do more than this. The hardship we are facing is not only in Borno State, but all over Nigeria. There are economic crises in all parts of the world. No state in Nigeria is doing better in the distribution of palliative than Borno.

“We distributed food to IDPs and vulnerable communities every quarter. However, with the improvement in the security situation, we decided to reduce the number of our distribution because people have started earning their livelihood.

“Most of you here (more than 80%) now have access to agricultural land, and I believe you have cultivated your farmlands and harvested your farm products.

“Both State and Federal governments spend huge amounts of money on security. We have realised substantial progress in terms of development and terms of security. Let me be frank with you that we will not condone mischievous activities. If you think life in the bush is better than living here, you can go.”

The Governor expressed gratitude to the federal government for providing the needed support to attain substantial peace in Borno State.

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