Fayose’s Brother Calls On Tinubu To Seize Dollars In Domiciliary Accounts, Gives Reason


Isaac Fayose, brother of former Ekiti governor, Ayodele Fayose, has charged President Bola Tinubu to sieze domiciliary accounts with above $1,000 to tackle naira free fall against dollar.

“President Tinubu, you have to be wicked. Don’t laugh”, said Mr Fayose in a viral video on social media on Thursday.

“If you want dollar to come down just come on TV and tell all of who have domiciliary account that if you see more than 1,000 in private account you will seize or auction it and replace with naira.”

Mr Fayose said Mr Tinubu should start with auctioning the dollars in his domiciliary account and that of all governors and former governors.

“How will the economy be good when you are storing dollar in a naira economy? Mr Fayose said. “Even me, auction my money, my brother’s and all former governors’. Anybody that has dollar, auction it. Change it and give them naira equivalent.

“Don’t store dollar here. If you want to save dollar go to America. If you want to save pounds, go to London. If you want to save euro , go to Europe.”

Mr Fayose’s statement comes in the wake of naira free fall against the dollar. On Wednesday, Peoples Gazette reported how the naira plunged to N1,520.123 to a dollar.

The naira had been on a downward trend before Mr Tinubu assumed office on May 29, 2023. But it hit its all time low following Mr Tinubu’s dual policy of fuel subsidy removal and floating of the naira at his assumption of office.

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