Wicked People – Cynthia Morgan Tackles Nigerians Attacking Mohbad Father


Popular Nigerian singer and songwriter Cynthia Morgan in her latest post on social media tackles Nigerians for attacking Mohbad’s father Mr Aloba.

Mohbad’s father whose full name is Mr Joseph Aloba recently received heat from Nigerians on Monday, January 15 after he raised questions about a purported will the late singer left behind.

According to 56-year-old Mohbad’s dad, his son who died at the age of 26 has a will already written on his behalf, however, the late singer’s management debunk this.

Following the way Mohbad’s dad has been highly criticized so far, singer Cynthia Morgan throws her weight behind Mohbad’s dad adding that a man that is grieving cannot be lying about all he has said so far.

She added that most Nigerians are wicked and lack emotional intelligence noting that if Mohbad father was a rich man, Wunmi would have obeyed the instruction and do the DNA test.

The singer further refers to Nigerians as bullies for bullying Mohbad father as many of them claimed that the father is only interested in the late singer’s money.

She wrote; “Mohbad was bullied till his death right in front of everyone now you are all shouting justice kinikon. Now you guys have started bu’lying baba mohbad. So you mean a grieving father is lying about all these things? Take for instance he is a rich man will his daughter in law dare say she wouldn’t go for dna? Ceasar to ceasar, God to God.

Nigerians will support rubbish till the person involved is dead. No emotional intelligence. If Cynthia really loved mohbad she will respect his fathers wishes and let the young man be buried. Rubbish people. That was how they believed Jude and joy in my case and made me look like a crazy person. If anything happen to baba mohbad now una go start to they cry. Wicked people.

Anywhere wey you for see management write up no use your brain nai be say you no fit get sense again.”

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