St Mark Commercial High School 1998 Set: Let’s Support One Another, Alumni President Urges Old Students


Lateef Sunkanmi, the Saint Mark Commercial High School class of 1998 alumni president, has urged former students to unite as a single unit, look out for one another’s well-being, and support one another in achieving success.

The president announced this plea on Saturday, January 13th, during an open speech at the 4th Annual Reunion Meeting, held at St. Mark Commercial High School in Kola-balogun Osogbo, Osun State.

Since all members are not created equal, he also urged the group to avoid looking down on others and instead be willing to help any member who is in serious need.

The president claims that the goals of the reunion are to celebrate each other’s advancement, solve each other’s problems, and exhibit members’ accomplishments.

The National Alumni Association of St. Mark Commercial High School, Osogbo’s Chairman of the Board of Trustees (BOT), Pastor Samuel Adesoji, spoke at the reunion’s fourth anniversary and praised Lateef Sunkanmi for being an excellent organizer who follows up with each member.

In addition, he cautioned former students present at this year’s reunion to check on those who are feeling intimidated to attend the reunion.

He also mentioned that since no two fingers are same, we must support one another in order to succeed.

Olufemi Okunola, a former school teacher, also spoke at the occasion and revealed that headship is not always determined by age.

“We have observed your collective improvement. To ensure its solidification, the unity and oneness you are all displaying should also apply to the parent body. It will also make sense and be beneficial to the alumni community as a whole if we can recruit this many people into each alumni body.

Additionally, I want you to know that no two fingers are same. You’ll need someone just as much as I do. Never run away from someone since everyone is valuable, and we should always give value to ourselves regardless of our profession or stage of life.”

Another alumnus, Reverend Paul Olubunmi Ajibade, expressed his immense satisfaction and joy at the reunion’s success.

“It is a huge privilege that we are living to see each other. We are approaching the accomplishment of our yearly gathering’s primary goal bit by bit. In addition, we support one another and hope for a better future together.

The general secretary of the alumni, Ambassador Popoola Isiaka Olamilekan, said, it is a pleasure to be here today.

“We always look back on the things we did last year and use the reunion to get together after we have been gone for a year. To enable mutual support and cooperation, we also get to know one another’s current projects.”

Otunba Hamzat Olamilekan, the recipient of the Most Outstanding Member honor, expressed his gratitude for life’s blessings and happiness at receiving an unexpected honor that validated his hard work.

In a similar development, a new election was conducted to elect new executives to pilot the affairs of the Alumni body.

Popoola Isiaka Olamilekan was elected as the President while Mojeed Lamidi was elected as the Vice-President. Micheal Adewale was elected as General Secretary and Otunba Hamzat Lukman was Financial Secretary. Bukola Lawal-Ibrahim, Fasoro Odunayo, Halimat Tiamiyu, Ifaniyi Ajani Elebuibon, Samuel Folorunsho, Ishmael Olasunkanmi Lateef were also elected in other executive positions of the Alumni body.

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