Police Shoot N@ked Man Who Flung Poo At Officers, Chased Them With Machete


Police shoot n@ked man who flung poo at them and chased them with a machete
Wild footage taken from a police officer’s bodycam has captured the moment a naked man was shot by officers after he flung poo and attempted to attack them with a machete.

Russom Gebretsadik, 37, was seen naked around West Pratt Street in southwest Baltimore, US before he was confronted by police at around 9.14am on December 30.

Reports say he flung poo at cops after they pursued him as he entered a corner shop wearing only a pair of socks.

He had walked inside the convenience store and into a back area with stairs leading up. Officer James Stokes and his partner Officer Mato followed him inside.

However, Mato was hit by flying objects in the backrooms — forcing them to retreat to the stairwell and call for backup and a ballistic shield. Mato was hit in the hand by a heavy object, but suffered only a minor injury and held his position until help arrived.

But the officer also claims Gebretsadik was throwing faeces at them too. When backup came on the scene, they were told the suspect was “waiting at the top of the stairs” and the pair couldn’t pursue him without a shield.

Once they had one, Stokes led the officers up flights of stairs to the third floor, clearing rooms as they went. Gebretsadik, now fully clothed, suddenly appeared at the top of a flights of stairs.

The suspect allegedly swung at Stokes with a combat knife in one hand and a machete in the other, before throwing the knife at Stokes. The cop managed to deflect the weapon with his shield but was cut in the face during the incident.

Stokes quickly retreated down the stairs and fired five rounds of his pistol. Gebretsadik fell to the floor after being shot in his left leg and was finally able to be handcuffed by police.

Speaking about the incident Police Commissioner Richard Worley: “While he was being taken into custody, he was still reaching for a weapon, but officers were able to render aid to him and put a tourniquet on his leg, probably saved his life.”

Gebretsadik was taken to hospital and treated for his injuries before being charged with attempted first-degree murder, attempted second-degree murder, and related crimes.

He will face court later this month.

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