Olamigoke Ayara Celebrates Adelami On His Appointment As Ondo Deputy Governor


The Prime Mover of OGA Support Group, OGA Foundation and GAF, Hon. (Otunba) Olamigoke Ayara has celebrated with Dr. Olayide Afolabi Adelami ok his appointment as Ondo Deputy Governor.

In a congratulatory message signed and made available to newsmen by Otunba Ayara, said a news chapter has unfold in Ondo State.

He stated that the emergency of Dr. Adelami as the Deputy Governor is a testament to his passion and trust that people have placed in him.

Otunba Ayara added that his leadership will undoubtedly lead to further growth, development, and empowerment for Ondo State.

Parts of the statement reads, “Congratulations on your outstanding emergence as the Deputy Governor! Your dedication, leadership, and unwavering commitment have earned you this well-deserved opportunity to serve your people at a significant level. This remarkable achievement is a testament to your passion and the trust that your people have placed in you.

“Your journey from grassroots to this esteemed position has been an inspiration to us all. Your relentless pursuit of progress and positive change has been recognized and rewarded with this pivotal role. As you step into this new chapter of public service, we have no doubt that you will bring the same enthusiasm, integrity, and effectiveness that have defined your career thus far.

“In your capacity as Deputy Governor, we anticipate that you will continue to champion the needs and aspirations of the people of Ondo State. Your leadership will undoubtedly lead to further growth, development, and empowerment for the State. Your ability to unite diverse groups and your visionary approach will undoubtedly steer Ondo State towards an even brighter future.

“May your tenure be marked by successes, milestones, and meaningful accomplishments. Your determination to create a positive impact is truly admirable, and we are excited to witness the positive transformations that will undoubtedly emerge under your leadership.

“Once again, congratulations on this well-earned achievement, Dr. Olayide Afolabi Adelami, the Deputy Governor of Ondo State we are fortunate to have you at the helm, and we eagerly anticipate the positive changes that your tenure will bring.

“With utmost respect and best wishes.”

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