Man Offers Girlfriend Of 7 Years N5 Million To Marry Another Lady, She Reacts


A Nigerian man has made headlines by offering his girlfriend of seven years a staggering N5 million to marry another lady.

In a story on X platform with the handle @dexterous11, the man appears to have encountered a potential “Take-home-to-mama” woman, leading him to make the unconventional decision to part ways with his current partner.

The man proposes a substantial N5 million incentive for his girlfriend of seven years to distance herself from him.

However, the heartbroken lady who was hurt beyond words is considering leaving him without accepting his cash offer.

The post reads, “A friend has been dating this guy for 7 years and now he found someone else and is offering her N5 million to stay away. She’s considering leaving without collecting a dime from him. Obviously she doesn’t understand what we mean by “no gree for anybody”. Checkout the post below:

Social media users shared their thoughts via comment section. Some reactions are shown below:

@Kajnyee said, “I don’t blame her for that. This is so sad.”

@sarahadamm said, “God punish him and his money.”

@anna66 said, “Collect the money sis. Money dey hard.”

@jerey7 said, “Make I send my Aza?”

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