BREAKING: Students Fume As OSPOLY Increases Tuition Fees


By Thomas Abidoye

The authorities of the Osun State Polytechnic, Iree, have announced increments in the fees the students of the institution would be paying for the new academic session, AMILOADED reliably gathered.

In a viral new school fees document obtained by AMILOADED correspondent on Thursday, shows that the new and existing students for ND and HND would now be paying #147,000, #150,000 and 152,000 respectively.

In a swift response, The leadership of the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) Southwest Zone D berates the management decision to increase the tuition fee.

According to the body, “The decision to increase tuition fees for both freshers and satellite campuses at Osun State Polytechnic sparked dissatisfaction among students, prompting the NANS Southwest Zone D to release an official statement addressing the issue. The leadership expressed the need for a comprehensive review of the fee increment, considering its potential impact on students and their families.

“Following the release from NANS Southwest Zone D, proactive measures have been undertaken to engage with the relevant authorities of Osun State Polytechnic. Phone calls have been placed to establish direct communication, ensuring that the concerns raised by the student body are conveyed promptly.

“Constructive dialogues have been proposed with the management of Osun State Polytechnic and government officials responsible for education. These discussions aim to provide a platform for both parties to understand each other’s perspectives, address concerns, and work towards a fair and equitable resolution.

“Authorities have given assurances that a comprehensive review of the tuition fee increment is underway. This indicates a willingness to consider the concerns presented by the NANS Southwest Zone D and the affected student community.

“In light of these actions, the NANS Southwest Zone D leadership appeals to all students and stakeholders of Osun State Polytechnic to remain calm. The emphasis is on trust in the ongoing process and the belief that the demands of the students will be thoroughly examined and addressed.

“The article stresses the importance of unity among students and stakeholders. It encourages a collective approach in supporting the efforts made by the NANS Southwest Zone D leadership on behalf of the student community. Solidarity is deemed crucial in achieving a positive outcome in the current circumstances.

“The NANS Southwest Zone D’s swift response to the tuition fee increment at Osun State Polytechnic reflects a commitment to advocating for the welfare and interests of the student body. As actions progress and dialogues continue, the hope is that a fair and amicable resolution will be reached, ensuring that education remains accessible and affordable for all aspiring students in the region.

Also reacting,the National Association of Nigerian Students Joint Campus Council Osun State Axis rejected the management decision on the increase, while emphasizing that they are highly disappointed in the management and Osun government’s action.

The release reads; “The National Association of Nigerian Students Joint Campus Council Osun State Axis expresses profound concern and disappointment regarding recent actions taken by the management of Osun State Polytechnic Ire and, by extension, the Osun State government.

“This morning, we encountered a circulated memo outlining the new payment structure for both freshers and returning students of the institution. This drastic measure not only raises concerns but also disappoints us, as the institution seems to deliberately subject students to undue stress at the beginning of the new year.

“Education, fundamentally meant to build a nation, loses its transformative power when commercialized. As Nelson Mandela wisely stated, “Education is the best weapon to eradicate poverty.” In a country like Nigeria, where poverty persists, the commercialization of education risks plunging the nation into endemic poverty.

The management of Osun State Polytechnic Ire must reconsider its decision and revert the fees to the previously accepted rates. Additionally, the Osun State government should contemplate reducing school fees not increasing it, as the current fees do not align with economic reality let alone the increased one, especially considering the minimum wage in Osun. The recent exorbitant increase in fees may inflict lasting damage on the institution if corrective measures are not taken.

Emphasizing our stance against the commercialization of education in Osun State, we call upon the Polytechnic Management and the Osun State Government to promptly address our concerns by returning the school fees to their original amounts. Failure to meet this demand will prompt students to take action to restore sanity to the institution, which the recent fee hike has disrupted for everyone.

“We have confidence in the institution’s rector, members of the school authority, and the Osun State government to take immediate action and meet our demands, ensuring the well-being and accessibility of education for all.

“We say; esprit de corps, together we shall achieve more than enough.

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