APC Knocks Gov Makinde Over Condemnation Of Subsidy Removal By Tinubu


The Oyo State chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC) has criticized Governor Seyi Makinde for his recent condemnation of President Bola Tinubu’s decision to stop fuel subsidy payments, as stated in Tinubu’s inaugural speech on May 29, 2023.

Makinde, during an interfaith prayer session at the Agodi Government Secretariat on Tuesday, attributed the deteriorating economic situation in the country to the Tinubu administration.

The governor specifically mentioned that the removal of the fuel subsidy in May last year was done hastily and at the wrong time “thereby inflicting hardship on the citizenry.”

However, a press release from Oyo APC Publicity Secretary, Olawale Sadare, advised the governor to avoid grandstanding and instead take responsibility for his inability to enhance the state’s economy despite receiving substantial funds from federal allocations, internally generated revenue, loans, and grants over the last 55 months, with little to show for it.

The statement read: “We had waited a few days expecting Gov. Makinde to debunk or make clarification on the misleading statement credited to him in the media since Tuesday but this never happened.”

“It is then obvious that a governor, in his second term in office, actually put the blame of dwindling economy on a seven-month-old government at the centre even when the whole world knows he is part of the problem.’

“As much as we would not delve into the culpability of Gov. Makinde in the mismanagement of the nation’s petroleum resources, it is important we ask him to withdraw his criticism of President Bola Tinubu on the courageous and heroic decision to stop fuel subsidy payment by the federal government since it has been established that the policy was not only fraudulent but also counterproductive and economically suicidal.

“It is an undeniable fact that things took worse dimension for the residents of the country since May last year when the federal government announced total removal of subsidy on imported petroleum products especially premium motor spirit otherwise known as petrol but there is no better time for the government to take the bold decision than when it was done while there is high hope that the situation would return to normal in no time.”

“Even all the leading candidates in the last presidential election had indicated their resolve to take similar steps if given the opportunity to rule Nigeria.”

“As a matter of fact, most governors are responsible for the growing poverty in the land and Gov. Makinde is not an exception. Why would poverty not spread when a governor deliberately grounded the third tier of government in his state and this, denies officials from using the funds accruing to their councils to serve the masses?”

“Why would poverty not spread in the land when a governor fails to create employment and wealth with the enormous resources at his disposal but he chooses to waste public funds on questionable contracts awarded at inflated costs?”

“How would Oyo not be among poverty-stricken states in Nigeria when we have a governor whose achievement on commerce is the extinction of the Agbowo shopping complex where thousands of residents used to make a living.”

“On agriculture, Gov. Makinde started by taking N7.6billion loan with a promise to build farm estates and he has nothing to show after four years but he blames Tinubu for removing fuel subsidy.”

“Last year, the same governor moved N3.35b out of Oyo state treasury ostensibly to purchase 105 units of plastic cars at the rate of a million per one, and less than 100 units were displayed months after. Nigerians should be the judge here.”


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