OSIGNAGE: Osun Agency Launches ‘Mobile Signage 2024’, Adjusts Prices Of Items


Osun State Signage and Advertising Agency (Osignage) has launched the ‘Mobile Signage 2024’.

The program is an inventive platform that, according to the agency, is going to completely change how the state collects mobile advertising signage fees.

The launch was held on Friday, January 12, 2024, in the Olufunke Kolawole Resort conference room at the Government Secretariat in Abeere, Osun State.

In attendance at the event were Kamorudeen Ajisafe, the governor’s special adviser on tax and revenue matters; Aminu Adewale, the governor’s senior special assistant on signage; Sina Salam, the chairman of the Osun Internal Revenue Service; Hon. Fadehan, the chairman of Osignage; Hon. bidmus, the general manager of Osinage Mrs. Aderibigbe; a representative of the Vehicle Inspection Organization (VIO); a representative of NURTW; a representative of Afrobus; and other distinguished members of the sinage business community graced the occasion.

In his speech to the gathering, Aminu Ridwan Adewale, the Senior Special Assistant to the Governor on Osignage, expressed his gladness and delight at being present.

“It gives me great pleasure to greet all of the major players in the advertising industry with a warm welcome. Without a doubt, you are all crucial to the upcoming introduction of the revolutionary car model 2024.”

‘Today we all come to celebrate a major improvement in the way we perceive and interact with mobile advertising consequently creating new opportunities and dynamics in our ever involved commercial landscape’.

It is an honor to have distinguished representatives from a range of societal sectors. Your being here today demonstrates the innovative spirit of collaboration that propels the mobile advertising sector.

“The Osun sinage and advertising agency recognizes the collective effort that has brought us to this grand breaking event as we embark on this transformative journey with deep gratitude.”

“Together, we must build the groundwork for a new era of mobile advertising that could define how we interact with audiences, open up new business opportunities, and influence the direction of the Nigerian advertising industry.”

As we embrace this new era in revenue generation, especially in mobile sinage, I so call upon each and every one of us to join hands and our hearts.

In a short interview with AMILOADED CORRESPONDENT, Sina Salam, the managing partner of Turbolink Corporation, revealed that our system will eliminate all malpractices since we generate digital registration numbers. Since each sticker will have a unique registration number, we will be focusing on one sticker per vehicle.As we embrace this new era in revenue generation, especially in mobile sinage, I so call upon each and every one of us to join hands and our hearts.

Salam, who also serves as the revenue consultant overseeing Mobile Ad Bank, went on to say that Osun State will benefit from this development by joining the group of other states that will undergo automation. This is because we share information with other states to confirm the legitimacy of our product, giving them a high degree of assurance that no one will bring any fake stickers from Osun State.

Additionally, back then, if a corporate organization with a presence in Osun were to purchase five or ten stickers from different states and was unable to verify the legitimacy of those stickers, all double taxation would be eliminated, the speaker continued.

Ajisafe Kamorudeen, the governor’s special advisor on taxes and revenue, unveiled the sticker.

Kamorudeen revealed the sticker and said the agency is now automated.

“This new can be verified in every state in Nigeria, but we had a mobile advertisement permit that cannot be verified outside the shores of Osun state.” He went on, “I have the pleasure serving under the direction of my principal, Governor of Osun State, Senator Ademola Jackson Adeleke.”

We would like to introduce a number of items under the Osun state logo and advertising agency in 2024 on behalf of the governor.

The reasonable price of N30,000 would be charged for the truck, trailer, and opulent busses. The full branding of the buses, sedans, and trucks will be sold for N27,500. Semi-branding will be for N12, 500 on trucks, trailers, and opulent buses. The full branding of the minibuses, cars, and SUVs will cost N12, 500, while the semi-branded vehicles would cost N7, 500. He said that complete branding for tricycles and motorcycles will cost N5000, while semi-branding will cost N2,500.

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