Tinubu Can’t Fix In 6 Months What Buhari Failed At In 8 Years – Shehu Sani


Former Lawmaker, Shehu Sani has cautioned those criticising President Bola Tinubu over persistent insecurity across the country, including the northern region.

Writing on his verified Facebook page, Senator Shehu Sani said, “The hypocrisy of many people in the North is how they tolerated insecurity in the North during the eight years of Buhari and are now voicing out against it under Tinubu.

“It’s too early to forget how they shielded the past administration from criticism, it became almost a sin or taboo to criticize the past administration. At one time, all the Nation’s security, intelligence and defence apparatuses were headed by Northerners.

“Each time I stood on the floor of the Senate to speak about the kidnappings and killings in the North, I only got insulted even by the Kaduna State Government and the ruling party.

“The North should look inward and find solutions to its security challenges. What the man from Daura has not solved for 8 years, the man from Lagos can’t solve in 6 months, even though he has the responsibility and obligation to tackle it.”

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