Kano Assembly To Reward 22-Yr-Old Tricyclist Who Returned Missing N15m To Owner


The Kano Assembly will reward a tricycle rider, Auwalu Salisu, 22, for his honesty and proven integrity.

The 40- member Assembly on Monday took a unanimous decision to contribute a percentage from their individual salaries to the tricyclist who returned a missing N15 million to the owner, a Chadian in Kano.

The N15 million when converted include 10.130 million CFA and N2.9 million.

During Monday’s plenary, member representing Doguwa constituency, Alhaji Salisu Muhammad, moved a motion for the House to reward Salisu.

“The tricycle rider, Auwalu Salisu, has proven his integrity by returning missing money, despite his family’s condition and the economic hardship in the country,” he said.

All the 40 members representing 44 local government areas in Kano supported the motion.

Kano Speaker Alhaji Isma’il Jibril Falgore, who presided over the sitting, said the legislature will invite the tricycle rider to officially collect the donation from them.

The lawmakers said the support will motivate Salisu, as they urged other Nigerians to emulate his good character.

The N15 million was forgotten by a passenger who came from Chad to buy goods in Kano.

Salisu, a resident of Yankaba in Nasarawa local government area of Kano state, said he returned the money after an announcement about the missing money on a radio station in Kano.

He said he did not notice that his passenger had forgotten the money until he got home.

“After discovering the money, I told my parents about it but they ordered me to go and look for the owner,” he said.

Salisu, now with the money in search of the owner, had to drive from Badawa to Bata market.

He however, did not discover the owner and had to go back and inform his parents about his predicament.

“I went back home and gave the money to my mother who kept it inside her wardrobe. I was afraid and eager to hand over the money to the owner, whom I didn’t know,” he told newsmen.

As the family thought of what to do next, they heard an announcement on the radio about the missing money. Through a phone number, Salisu returned the money.

The owner of the money, who spoke through his brother Musa Hassan, said he never thought good people like Salisu still exist.

It was gathered he gave N400,000 to the honest chap, praising his parents for raising him properly.

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