Man Who Flaunts Money On Social Media Pleads For Mercy As He Is Arrested For Kidnapping (Watch Video)


A man who flaunts money on social media and encourages his followers to “hustle” has been arrested for alleged kidnapping.

The man nicknamed “Lion” is said to be a dreaded kidnap kingpin.

He was traced to Abuja from Bayelsa and was arrested.

A video of Lion after his arrest shows him begging for mercy. He claimed he has only kidnapped two people.

He also begged to be set free because his wife just had a baby.

However, a man there claimed to be one of Lion’s victims and insisted the suspect has kidnapped more than two people.
He narrated how Lion allegedly kidnapped him and threatened to end his life.

Videos from Lion’s social media accounts show him flaunting money online.

Watch a video of Lion before and after his arrest.

watch video below

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