TRENDING: Netizens React As London To Lagos Biker Is Fed By Ivorian Lady, Reveals Date To Arrive Lagos

Nigerian biker, Kunle Adeyanju who is currently riding from London to Lagos has reached Abidjan where he is being feted by Ivorians Lion Heart shared a photo in which an Ivorian lady he called Bambina was sitting on his lap and feeding him during a dinner Kunle said Bambina said she will donate N41,000 ($100) to the End Polio campaign if he would allow her to sit on his lap and feed him.

Kunle Adeyanju has accepted a challenge thrown at him by an Ivorian lady he called Bambina. According to him, Bambina requested to sit on his lap and feed him in exchange for which she will support the End Polio campaign with the sum of N41k or $100.

Social media users have reacted to the photo with a lot of frenzy as some have told him to focus on the journey at hand.

Kunle wrote in the said tweet: “At my reception by the Abidjan Bikers! Beautiful Bambina threw me a challenge, if you allow me to sit on your laps and feed you, I will donate $100 to the charity fund, and I agreed!”

See his full tweet below: Twitter users react @SavvyRinu asked: “Are you sure you aren’t losing focus sir?”

@SamdGreat01 commented: “I rebuke every Delilah that wants to bring our Samson down. Sing after me sir.” @OgbeniDipo commented: “Focus sir. Sir, focus. I mean, don’t lose focus, sir.”

Despite initial setback, London to Lagos biker goes back, enters Ivory Coast, given ‘presidential welcome’

@I_amOD_SIT reacted: “Why are all the challenges coming from women? I hope you would tell us when you accept “other room”

challenge.” @UncleMaazi said: “Sir is this also part of the journey?”

@OkunwaUUA said: “You are losing focus o. You go still reach Nigeria with all these distractions?

” Nigerian biker denied access into Ivory Coast In a related story, reported that border authorities initially prevented Kunle Adeyanju from gaining access to Ivory Coast. He said the border authorities found issues with a permit issued to him in Mali by the Nigerian embassy. He would later ride into Burkina Faso from where he entered Ivory Coast.

Kunle announces on his twitter page to arrive Lagos May 25th.

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