Man Resigns His Good Job, Gather Poor Kids, Teaches Them For Free For 25 Years

A man with a good heart has resigned from his well-paying job to concentrate on teaching children from poor homes for free.

The man reportedly quit his job in 1998 and took up the hobby of going to poor homes to take their children and teach them After 25 years of doing the charitable work, help came his way as he got support from the public and he now does his job with more comfort.

In 1998, a young man named Evariste shocked many people when he resigned from his job and started what some people may have called a strange hobby. Evariste who was a teacher, stopped going to work and stopped earning a salary, and instead opted to gather kids, play with them and teach them for free.

According to the story, Evariste has a good heart and was worried that so many children were not getting an education. He was not happy that the majority of children were not going to school but instead going into crimes such as drugs. Instead of doing nothing about it, he resigned from his teaching job and started to teach less privileged children for free.

Help came his way after 25 years According to a video seen on YouTube, the man has spent 25-years doing the free service and offering children free education. Now, help has come his way as he has got public support to continue his good work towards the community.

YouTube users hail Evariste, Thembekile Dube commented: “Great man the real teacher, with all what it takes to be a good teacher. GOD bless you for all what you are doing.”

“GODS workers are everywhere and where they are most needed. He is literally changing lives.” Ms TS said:

“African, God bless your effect. It is heartwarming to find out people who are kind-hearted and selfless still exist. Please support the gentle “guidance angel.”

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