2023 Presidency: APC Breaks Silence On What To Do To Aggrieved Aspirants After Primaries

The National Working Committee of the APC said on Saturday there were plans to reconcile aggrieved aspirants after the presidential, governorship, senatorial and House of Representatives tickets are secured at the May 26 to 30 primaries.

A confident APC National Chairman, Senator Abdullahi Adamu, assured stakeholders that no grieving aspirant would leave the party after the primaries.

Adamu, who was represented by his Special Assistant, Prof Abdullahi Yau, stated this at a virtual town hall meeting organised by the Ward-to-ward Diaspora Network in collaboration with the APC Ward-to-ward Ambassadors on “Intra-party democracy for the emergence of best candidates.”

He said, “Directly I want to tell you that after the primaries, none of the contestants or aspirants will leave the party. You can see that unlike the other parties extending weight, in our party all our aspirants are calm. Everybody is going left and right, trying to win votes for themselves.”

According to him, all aspirants will be listened to by a high-powered committee if they have genuine complaints after the party’s primaries.

Yau stated, “They will listen to you and provide for your needs. In this way, we can carry everybody along in the party.

“I can assure you that this is the most interesting part; the number of people who are contesting and we are going to give everybody a level playing ground where you can exercise your right as Nigerians to contest.

“And at the end of the exercise, just like what happened at the national convention, you will see that everybody will be satisfied with whoever emerges from the primaries.”

Yau added, “Unless you have a process that is not well coordinated, a process that is marred by irregularities, that’s when people will be aggrieved and will want to leave the party. If you’re allowed to exercise your right and you think there’s fairness in what’s going on in the party and you lose, I don’t think you will want to leave the party.

“I assure you that even if we are going to have such a scenario, where we are going to have aggrieved members after the primaries, the chairman and stakeholders of the party will ensure they reconcile everybody after the primaries.”


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