Nigerian Man Laments As Fire Guts House, Destroys Money Stuffed In Saving Box


A Nigerian man, identified as Kelly Mark has been thrown into regrets after fire destroyed his saving box and the money he has been saving.

Mark has been consistently putting away 1,000 and 500 Naira notes in his saving box for sometime now before he lost everything to he fire that razed his apartment.


The victim who shared photos of the burnt notes on Facebook on Wednesday lamented that he had been saving for future.


He wrote: “Please guys, this is what happened to me this afternoon; I have been saving this cash for sometime now. Only to be called that my house is on fire.


“I ran down and after putting off the fire my saving box was burnt, after opening it I found the money inside like this. Inside this Covid 19 wahala.. I am confused of what to do,” Mark lamented.

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