Olaotipin Celebrates Maolud Today

An Islamic prayer group, Dairat Habiibiyal Fi Toreeqot Tijaniyat Inraheemiyat will today, March 15 hold 7th annual edition of Maulid Nabiyy (1441HA).


According to the organisers of the event, the venue for the 2020 Maolid Nabiyy is  Cee Bee Hotel, Iwo, Osun State.


They noted that the event will be graced with Islamic scholars around the globe.


Time is 11:00am.


Sheikh Habibullah Alamu Olaotiipin, the coordinator of the prayer group is the co-founder of Olaotiipin Foundation, a welfare extension scheme of the prayer group that sees to alleviating the suffering of the masses,  assisting the less privileged and the needy by visiting hospitals,  prison and motherless homes.

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  1. Yes.. The celebration is today, we indeed have great trust in the path, in Islamic jurisprudence which the prayer follows… Sheikh Olaotiipin is a great scholar

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