Seven Things To Attempt In 2017 (Must Read)

2017 just like others years will be filled with expectations, some good and some bad moments too. Here are Some things to do to make it Worthwhile ‎

Try to be Disciplined.
You know, nothing will change unless you change, even if what you are expecting changes, you will have to change to cope with it, You need Discipline to Change. You need to discipline your Self to Wake up Earlier, To Eat balance diet, To stop excessive drinking and Smoking ; You need to discipline your self to be more punctual in your Activities, No to procrastination.

Try to Love what you do.
There is Difference between doing what you love and Doing just for the Benefit.
When you do what you love you will see no Pain in it just gains.
When in school and you love to be a Doctor, Every Teaching about it should interest you, cos your love for it will make it more understandable that just participating so you can have a Doc degree.
Even most  Entrepreneurs, web designers, Cooks, etc are successful now because they love what they do, the Passion is there so they see no disappointment or Pain.

Try to Seek/Share More Knowledge.
 Try to seek more Knowledge as it never ends, everyday we should learn a new thing. Read educational books, read Explorers threads and get more knowledge, even if it was might be of no use to you but at least you have a knowledge of it. Likewise, Share knowledge you have too, cos it’s when you share knowledge you will get learn too.

Try to Understand people and Friends.
Sometimes it’s not necessary to just avoid some friends in the name of keeping your circle small, NO! . Try to know why he is behaving that way, Maybe he/she needs help, maybe ignorance . You avoiding him or her will put the person in Danger, first understand the person and know they reason why they do what they do.

Try to Travel Around.
It’s not necessary you Travel around the globe , travel within your Location and learn other people’s way of life and leaving , learn other languages, and Enjoy the Culture you meet

Try to Understand your God
This is another important aspect to attempt, try to Understand how your God work for you, not solely dependant on when your Pastor prescribe Fasting for you before you fast, don’t wait only for Morning and night time before you Pray. Try to know what works well for you and your God.

Try to be a Cheerful Giver.
One Aspect is being a  giver and another a Cheerful Giver. The difference is the Joy added to the giving. When ever you get to meet one in Need provide the available help you have, not necessarily money but your Kind words or Knowledge.

Feel free to add yours will love to Learn from you.

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