This Nigerian Hermaphrodite Who Wants To Keep His Male Organ Seeks For Help (Photos)

A Nigerian with both male and female organs has reached out to SimonAtebaNews through a foundation for help. The 29-year-old Oluwaseun Samuel Fajilade, an indigene of the Ekiti state, western Nigeria, is a hermaphrodite who would love to keep his male organ only

Fajilade was born on March 16, 1987, as a male. Between the ages of 12 and 15, women’s Bosom s began forming, replacing the normal man’s chest.
It is really a challenge to find an identity for the person with both genitalia. As concerns Fajilade, he is not menstruating and he sees himself as a man

A hermaphrodite  has reproductive organs normally associated with both male and female sexes.
About one in every 2,000 babies born have “confusing” or ambiguous genitalia. In cases like this, the parents might make the decision to put their child through surgery to determine a physical gender, or they might opt to wait until the child is older and can decide for themselves which gender is dominant in their body and mind

Source  @gistmania

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