This Man Was Beaten seriously When He Tried To Rob At Midnight (PHOTO)

According  to  the  eye witnesses who sent this,  he wrote :

“In the early hours of today an operation that lasted for hours in the environ of Gbagada to Ashimowu Street when finally nemesis did caught up with this dude at about 5am when the usual call out OLE! OLE!! Then you know a robber has visited the neighborhood.

I woke up to the sound of the alarming voice from the next building which this thief just finished operating. As usual strong hearted guys and the victims of this burglar did swoop the streets in search of the thieves which lasted for about 30mins.

It was like a film scene of a 2016 movie and indeed it was when I watched this dude did jump various fence of building to make his escape. I also watched him walking on the roof of a bungalow building which he did plunged twice into zinc cover of the structure while my neighbours were raising alarm to the vibrant men of his location on the roof and scaring the hell out of him.

He was later apprehended and got served and stripped naked while I see his thing which he use to do kpekus with wh*res after getting his earning from operations like this. After the whole ordeal the police patrol came around to contain the whole situation.

I dread the act of what happened to him but we don’t get the required justice to thieves like this. Thieves are been apprehended to non enforcement masses whom are not equipped with arms like we did and are been handed over to the police and we still see roaming the street after settlement with the police instead of been charged to court and sentence to serve time in the prison.

Imagine the police asking the affected victims of this ordeal to treat this robber before they can take action on him. People whom just got rob of their belongings, damaged them net, damaged their roof cover, whom are still traumatized to treat one who brings this to them before investigation is done to get justice. 

Is this fair? He is definitely not dead but still alive and he is in police custody. Let’s learn how to sleep with one eye closed we are definitely responsible for our safety even before the police comes to your aid. BE VIGILANT”

See photo below… 

Nawa ooo!

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