This Lady Arrested A Man For Defrauding Others On Facebook With Her Pics (See Photos)

This is what she wrote on her facebook page:

“I woke up to the reality of the fact that in a twinkle of an eye ones personality, character and image built over a life time could crumble with so much ease without the victim been in the know.

Today I write to tell .. is it my story? Or is it a story? Well I don’t even have the words to caption it in anyway, but do know I was a victim who knew not what was been done with my image or pictures. Instagram, Facebook etc are lovely apps but in as much the rate of impersonation is alarming.
To cut the story short .. a fraud star picked my pictures from instagram and opened a Facebook account with my picture and another name (Olanipekun Lizzy) which isn’t or wasn’t mine and duped alot of intending male solicitors to the tune of =N=2.5 million naira.

Unfortunately for him, karma caught up with him and now he is in custody of the law enforcement agents. As amazed as I am on this Carlos act of impersonation, I would like to use this medium to disassociate my self from ALL the fraudulent acts done using my pictures as I was never in the know nor do I know the fraudster from anywhere.’

For all his deeds he shall take full responsibility for his actions and would be purnished according to Laws of the Land. On a final note, I would like to thank captors of this fraudster as they have saved me from further embarrassments and also others who could fall victim to his deceitful acts and evil schemes. Thank you very much and God bless us all.”

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