See Photos Of The House help That Clean Her Vagina With Napkin, Then Wipes Her Boss’ Dishes With It

She wasn’t really caught so much as she was showing off. But really, this is why we believe househelps should be treated like your own blood. Think about it, we know some of you are probably among the selfish people who believe in maltreating househelps.

She takes care of the home while you’re at work, cook your meals too. Chances are high she takes care of your brood while you’re at work yet you still pay her peanut and maltreat her- doesn’t that means you are on a suicide mission?

Anyway, this is clearly a case of a disgruntled domestic worker who took her anger to new, disgusting levels. The lass is actually caught on camera proudly wiping her vagina, legs, body sweat and ear wax with the same cloth she is cleaning her employers’ dishes with… This is simply disgusting.

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