Female Student Cries Out After Unbearable Sex With Her Boyfriend in School Hostel( See Photos)

A couple in the Kenyatta University currently stand a good chance of being expelled by school authorities after an immoral act was accidentally exposed in the heat of the exercise.

According to media reports, a sex hungry male student was said to have pleasurably drilled a 2nd year Kenyatta University lady at Nyayo 4 Hostels occupied by females until she carelessly screamed and drew the attention of nearby students engaging in their private activities.

The students initially mistook her loud moans as a cry for assistance as they rallied round to her rescue only to locate the position the noise was emanating from and sight the student in an awkward lovemaking position with her partner.

According to an eyewtiness;


A second year female student early this morning was shagged today nearly to death by her boyfriend at Nyayo 4 hostel at the Kenyatta University hostels. The school authorities have now tightened the ‘ten to ten’ (10am to 10pm) rules to protect ladies against such immoral acts”

Rumours have it that both parties are currently facing a disciplinary panel for their actions while an explicit video clip of the duo is making rounds among students.

See more photos:

Source  @ gistmania

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