VIO Officer Beats Up This Man for Trying to Take a Picture of Him Fighting a Driver (See photos)

This man pictured above, his name is Luke Abu,  he  was allegedly brutalized by a Vehicle Inspection Officer (VIO) yesterday in Utako, Abuja.

 Read what he wrote on Facebook below:

“I was trying to capture a video of a man fighting with a VIO staff and one of the VIO staff saw me from afar and crossed over to the other side where I was standing. He attempted to seize the phone and I refused, in the process of resisting him from dragging my phone. I got two blows on my mouth and nose.

Then I started bleeding…Not because am physically weak and can not fight but my profession does not permit me to so do. 
Am taking recourse to the law and I hope to find justice, and most importantly, to deter them from further harassing innocent citizens.

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