This 17 Year Old Girl Gives Birth In The Toilet Says She Didnt Know She Was Pregnant

A 17 year old girl from Wisconsin, Braeley Pettigrew, got an unexpected surprise when she went to use the toilet on Tuesday morning in her home and gave birth to a baby boy.
According to WDJT Pettigrew said she had no idea she was pregnant. She said she thought she was having a bowel movement, so ran to the toilet, but after what she thought was a bowel movement, she looked down and saw that a baby was in the toilet. She became scared, cut the umbilical cord and wrapped the baby up

Pettigrew took the infant to her mom and told her that someone had left the baby on the porch, but when her mom noticed blood on the teen’s clothes, she called the police.

The teen and baby were rushed to the hospital where the child was taken straight to the NIC-U. Both mom and baby are doing well.
Pettigrew said:
“I never thought I would be having a baby at 17, but my first instinct was to get him out of the toilet and wrap him up to keep him warm,” .
She made up the story about the infant been abandoned because she was afraid her mom would be upset and she didn’t want to disappoint her mum. She decided to keep the baby and named him Kayden.

Police say the teen doesn’t face any charge

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