See The Thief Killed In Asaba

Angry mob took laws into their hands and brutalized a man to death for stealing ATM card in Asaba, Thursday evening at the ogbeogonogo market.

According to eyewitnesses, the man was caught attempting to make away with a bag containing the card when the owner raised alarm. The man was subsequently seized by angry traders in a mob action resulting to the man convulsing to death.

Our correspondent also gathered in the scene that men of the Nigerian Police Force (NPF) were seen attempting to rescue the man from the mob action, but were overwhelmed by the crowd who desperately want the head of the thief.

While the victim was struggling with death, onlookers were saying he was only pretending in order to evade “justice” while the beating continued until the man gave up the ghost.

Also on the scene, a man believed to be an accomplice was equally detained by the police and barely escaped lynching by the angry crowd.

The situation lead to pandemonium, but immediately it was believed the man is dead, everyone ran from the scene for safety

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