OMG See The Woman & Man Arrested With Fake Naira Notes In Ogun (Photos)

Nemesis caught up with two suspects who were found in possession of some fake naira notes in Abeokuta, Ogun state capital on Friday.

The two suspects are: Ademola Abiodun, 28, who resides at Ajiboye street, Ile-Epo, Lagos state and Ajarat Sulaiman, 30, of Ajilogba – Aso area, Ifo, Ogun state.

The suspects were arrested by men of Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps, NSCDC, Ogun state command.

In a statement issued and signed by the Command spokesman, Kareem Olanrewaju, the attention of its official on surveillance were drawn to a mob action around Vespa bus-stop area of Ifo, in Ifo local government area of Ogun State.

According to the statement, “The first suspect, who gave his name as Ademola Abiodun, Male, 28, bought food from a vendor hawking food around Vespa bus stop, Ifo, Ogun state.

“He in turn paid for the food vendor with a five hundred naira note which the food vendor rejected, saying it was a fake note and this brought a hot argument between them, thereby attracting other people.

The people having got wind of his tacit, descended heavily on him until he confessed that, he is in Ifo to meet up an appointment with a woman friend. They asked him to call the woman on phone.

When she arrived, the mob pounced on her too beating them thoroughly and were about to burn them with tyre when NSCDC officials on patrol arrived the scene.

“If not for the quick intervention of our officers, who pleaded, struggled with the angry mob to collect the suspects from them and even promised that the suspects will face the full wrath of law, they would have been set on fire”, NSCDC statement said.

It was reported that the officials, after rescuing the suspects alive from the mob, took them to the Civil Defence Corps office at Ifo.

According to the statement, upon interrogation, the female suspect, Ajarat Sulaiman, who said she is jobless, denied ever having any appointment with the man, though, she confirmed they know each other.

When Ademola Abiodun was searched more fake naira notes were found on him.
Abiodun claimed to have collected the fake naira notes from another friend of his, when he assured him that he would spend them, despite the fact that he admitted he knew that those notes were fake.

Exhibits recovered from the suspects include two phones and fourteen pieces of fake five hundred naira notes.

The suspects, according to the NSCDC spokesman, Kareem Olanrewaju, have been handed over to the Nigeria Police at Ifo Police division for further investigation and prosecution.

Olanrewaju however advised people not to always take laws into their hands, assuring the people of prompt reaction from all security agencies to any scene of action across the state.

Pic 1and 2: Ajarat Sulaiman and Ademola Abiodun with the fake N500 notes

Pic 3: fake N500 notes

Source  PMNews

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