You Need To See Denrele’s Outfit To Dinner With German President (photos)

 Derenle  Edun posted this today on his Instagram page


”Last nite was a BLUR! Got a special invite from the German Embassy inviting me to a special reception for their President and the First Lady.
And so I decked out in my black @toyinokoro sequined suit with red detailing, my gravity defying shoes and all my hair piled on top of my head like the Mount of Sinai!
D moment The First Lady Her Excellency, Daniela Schadt sighted me…it became a high school reunion. And trust me to sell my market wella! We gisted, laughed endlessly, took pictures & got on the dance floor to rock some “bata” moves.
I’m a huge fan already…
liebe mich einige Daniela Schadt wie kein Morgen!”

I just couldn’t resist. The tallest presence in the room. Colonel Gerhard Klaffus (the Order of the Presidency) even dwarfed me in my sky rocketing heels!
Wanna say a huge thanks to the Consulate General of Germany for inviting me to meet their President, his amazing wife and everyone else! Twas an interesting mix of personalities and yes, special shout out to @o_makanjuola , My Indian buddies from Stallion Motors, the United States Consulate General and all the waiters who kept topping my champagne glass…There was no FALL this time!
Bis wir uns wiedersehen, machte euch wirklich mein Abend! wo ist mein Visum oooo

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