This Woman Hides Stolen Money In Her Vagina (See Photo)

A GWERU woman allegedly stole money after she was given a lift and hid it in her private parts.

Amanda Makusha (PICTURED ABOVE) of 1611 Mkoba 12 in Gweru stole US$40 comprising four $10 notes from Rachel Nyanyiwa of 563 Mkoba 13.

A source close to the investigations told B-Metro that Makusha was given a lift by Nyanyiwa from town to Mkoba when she stole the money.

“Makusha was given a lift by Nyanyiwa from Mkoba to town. On their way, Nyanyiwa was stopped by police and they asked to see her car fire extinguisher.

“She was forced to get out of the car and show police the fire extinguisher which was in the boot,” said the source.

The two proceeded with their journey and on the way, Nyanyiwa detoured to the service station for a fuel top- up.

“On the way Nyanyiwa decided to buy fuel at a service station. She asked Makusha to give her the bag which was next to her as it contained the money she wanted to use. When she got the bag, she found the zip open and the money was nowhere to be found.

She asked Makusha if she had taken the money and she professed ignorance,” added the source.

Nyanyiwa then drove to Mtapa police station together with Makusha and reported the matter stating that Makusha was the key suspect.

“Nyanyiwa did not believe Makusha and she drove straight to the police station and reported the matter.

“Makusha was questioned by the police and she denied stealing the money. She was also searched by the female officers and nothing was recovered. The police then referred Nyanyiwa to hospital for an extensive search by a doctor,” said the source.

Makusha was reportedly stripped, but still no money was found.

Left with nowhere to check, the doctor decided to check her “private pocket” and three rolled $10 notes were recovered.

Makusha was then arrested.

Contacted for comment Midlands police spokesperson Inspector Joel Goko confirmed the incident.

“I can confirm that we are investigating a case where a woman stole money after she was given a lift and hid it in her privates,” said Goko

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