This Little Boy Died Today On His One Year Birthday (See photos)

Ephraim Esla Manga’s son who turned one year today died a few hours ago today, at a private hospital in Kaduna State. According to his friend, Sunday Akoji, the little boy was seriously purging as a result of acute diarrhoea.

“Self care therapy administered by the parent include oral rehydration inter alia. By 7am the child was rushed to a private hospital in Kaduna. They met the GP on duty and his first intervention was to set up an IV line to restore fluid and electrolytes balance as the child was dehydrated. 

The Doctor tried to find an IV line for 3 hours but was unsuccessful. He then put a call to his Consultant to come and help. The Consultant got to the hospital after 3 hours and within a minute he was able to find the vein and set up the line. But unfortunately, the child was already dead!”

The heartbroken father’s post below:

“Such indescribable pain. Deaths is really a mystery.” Ephraim wrote “It’s exactly a year since God lended me this bundle of joy which he took back today this. Osh my baby. . . Mummy brought your cake from Jos but your tiny fingers left us just before you could cut it today. Rest on my boy! Rest well!! Mummy loves you, Daddy loves you too. Your brief entry and exit sure left us much pain and grief. Rest on, the very first strength of my right arm

RIP baby…. 

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