The Valentine’s Day Love Message Contest Is Here!!!

Good day fellow amiloadites!!!

Happy valentines day!!!  

This is a season of love, and as I promised in the spirit of love, I have decided to award the best three love messages with recharge card of their choice. 

Let love overflow this season, let love radiate from you on this  valentine’s day. 

This little contest starts here and now. 

Start sending in your love messages in the comment section below, together with ur email address to contact you if you are the winner.


  1. I gave love another chance, this was what I came up with.

    Joy comes in the morning they say, you are my morning I say.
    You are the sun in the cold windy darkness of my heart.
    You are the stream of hope in the hot dry desert of my head.
    A light at the end of the dark tunnel keeps me going, you are the light at that end.
    You are the missing piece in my search for the meaning of life. What took you so long?
    Where have you been while I have been keeping crystals for diamonds, I just found a real diamond, you.
    As clear as a diamond so is your heart. As hard as a diamond so is Ur stubbornness.
    As rare as a diamond, so is Ur type.
    As beautiful as a diamond, so are you. As expensive as a diamond, so is your value.
    As glittering as a diamond, so is your nature.
    You illuminate my world like a diamond in the void sky.
    I would clean my treasure crest of all the crystals for I have find a true diamond.
    This poem might be beautifully written , but I assure you they aren’t as beautiful as I really want to express.
    This is coming from the deepest part of my heart

  2. My love for you is like the morning star, the brightest in the darkest sky. Words of the mouth cannot express how I feel for u today. U make my day bright, u make my night cool and I know this feeling is overwhelming me.

    Accept my token of love, from your dearest.

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